What do you do when it rains or when it is cold?

We meet inside in both cases.
What do you do with children?

We have intergenerational worship for three reasons: first to develop interactions and relationships with people of other generations. Second, to let each child know that church is theirs too! Third, because we believe that parents are the most effective disciplers of their own children and we want to equip you to disciple your own kids. Two Sundays each month the children have an age appropriate lesson taught to them during the teaching time. Most of the other Sunday’s they are in with the adults the entire service.

What is worship like?

The rhythm of our monthly worship looks like this. We have a lesson from the Bible and the Lord’s Supper every week. 1st Sunday is prayer Sunday. We start the month in prayer. 2nd & 3rd Sunday’s are singing Sundays. The 4th Sunday is what we call “potluck worship” where you come to contribute (a prayer, a scripture, a testimony, etc). We start that Sunday in silence and listen for God’s lead and speak up when we believe God is stirring us to speak.

What about weekly collection for funds?

We purposefully do not take up a weekly collection for a few reasons. First, we believe that God will provide all of the needs of BYC. Second, while we see an example of giving on the first day of the week in 1 Cor 16, Paul made it clear it was to be a temporary measure for a specific need. That is what we do. If we have a specific need or service to the community we may take up a contribution for that specific need. If you want to give to support BYC’s general budget we ask that you give online in private rather than on Sunday in public.

How can I start a church?

Please reach out via email and we will equip you, resource you, and pray with you to help get things started.