We want to help people start prayer movements, disciple making movements and church planting movements. It helps to have some resources to get started so that you don’t have to figure it all out. That can be a barrier to starting something new. Here are some resources for you to help you start diving in deep in prayer, disciple making, and starting a house church. Everything is done as simply as possible in order that more people can participate. God didn’t make this complicated and God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Let us know if you need help getting started!

House Church Startup Kit
Learn the basic logistics of house church so you can get started into what God is calling you to do.

Discovery Bible Study Tool
A simple method of studying the Bible to grow as a disciple and make disciples.

Discovery Bible Study Scripture List
Use this with the Discovery Bible Study tool

Disciple Making Group Process
Learn a simple way to make disciples who make disciples.

Becoming an Effective Disciple Maker
A short & simple e-book that guides you through how to be an effective disciple and disciple maker.

How to Prayer Walk
This is a way to connect with people every Christian should learn & practice.

How to Establish a Fasting Rhythm
A simple guide to fasting.

How to Find a Person of Peace
God prepares people in the community ahead of us. This is how you find them.

Discover Your Spiritual Gift
There are four gifts listed in Ephesians 4 that are necessary for the church body to be healthy. Which one has God given you?

Jesus 101
A Bible study for seekers to help them discover Jesus in the Gospel of Mark

The “One Another” Passages
Learning to Be a Healthy Community of Faith